Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently encounter these questions that provide foundational insights into effectively utilizing your AI assistant:

Can I use the assistant and still be compliant with the GDPR or CCPA?
Yes, the AI Assistant complies with regulations such as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the US's California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). It has access only to the data that is authorized by the parties involved, and all conversations are stored securely, are easily accessible, and can be deleted upon request.
Can I connect the assistant to a custom eCommerce platform?
Currently, our AI Assistant supports a number of popular eCommerce platforms. While direct integration with custom eCommerce platforms isn't available at the moment, it's definitely on our roadmap! Stay tuned for updates on this feature.
What happens if the assistant deletes something important?
Our AI Assistant operates on a strict consent-based system. This means it will only delete or modify data when you explicitly instruct it to do so. Importantly, our system also includes a feature that allows you to undo changes made by the assistant. The timeframe in which you can revert these changes varies depending on your subscription plan. This ensures that even if something important is mistakenly deleted, you have the ability to restore it promptly.
Where is the data stored?
While the data generated by your eCommerce platform is stored on its respective servers, the data generated by our AI system, such as conversation logs, updates, and automation flows, is securely stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. These servers are located in Europe and the United States, ensuring that your data is protected and managed in accordance with high security and privacy standards.
How much does it cost to use the AI Assistant?
The cost of operating our AI Assistant is influenced by several factors. These include the cost of using the large language model (LLM) provided by OpenAI, the number of active skills the assistant possesses, the number of automations in use, and the volume of information transferred. As our product is currently in Beta, we are committed to maintaining transparency about usage and costs with our customers throughout our collaboration.
Can you purchase assistant skills separately?
Yes, Assistant Skills can indeed be purchased separately. However, please note that availability and the exact process might depend on the active subscription plan you have with us. This flexibility allows you to customize the assistant's capabilities to better suit the specific needs of your eCommerce business.
Can I teach new skills to my assistant?
While the current version of our AI Assistant comes with a predefined set of skills, we're actively working to make it even better. The ability for you to teach your assistant new skills is indeed on our roadmap! Stay tuned for updates!
What sets this assistant apart from others?
What sets our AI Assistant apart from others is its specific focus on eCommerce. Unlike generic AI assistants, ours is meticulously designed and trained for eCommerce tasks. It understands the complexities of product management, order processing, and customer interaction, providing an unrivaled level of specialized support for online businesses. Our AI Assistant is also powered by a state-of-the-art language model, ensuring it can understand and generate human-like text, leading to more natural and effective interactions. Its advanced machine learning capabilities mean it can learn and adapt over time, improving its performance the more it's used.