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Getting Started


Discover the capabilities of AISM, its intended audience, and how its chat-friendly user interface enables people to accomplish more, faster than ever.

Your AISM Account

Discover the ins and outs of creating an account, as well as its setup and management, by reading this guide.

Subscriptions and Extras

Learn more about the available subscription models, the options included in each and how tokens are used throughout your chat-interactions with AISM.

Features and Integrations

Using AISM with one or more eCommerce stores

Discover the optimal way to use AISM with your eCommerce platforms, from configuring the connection to querying data and managing tasks.

Using AISM through a messaging tool

Discover how to integrate AISM with the most popular team messaging tools, from setup to collaborating efficiently with your team to propel your business forward.

Using AISM with other tools and services

Learn more about AISM’s expanding ecosystem. Integrate with email and analytics platforms for a centralised experience with AI assistance.

Guides and Best Practices

Efficient prompt techniques

Dive into crafting effective prompts with AISM. Embrace specificity to save tokens, gain swift insights, and optimize your interactions based on GPT-4's best practices.

Rich-content responses

Learn how to use AISM's rich-content capabilities, such as data visualisation via tables and charts, to make your queries more insightful.

System actions and notifications

Analyze, rectify, and stay informed of crucial events, all within your chat window, with AISM's system actions and real-time notification capabilities.

About AISM

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Browse the most common inquiries and get to know AISM better.


Learn how to enroll into the program and how to make use of the newest functionalities.

Latest release-notes

This is a list with the newest updates to the AISM platform.