The perfect skillset for your store

You can enable different skills that will let your assistant perform tasks in various sections of your store.

Analytics and Reporting
Retrieves, combines, and displays your store’s operational data.
How many sales did I make this month?
What are my 5 best sold items?
Did my return rate decrease this year?
Products, Orders and Customers
Manages your store's product catalog, order, and customer information.
Create product descriptions for products without one
Update customer delivery address
Create a new segment with customers that meet certain conditions
Store Setup and Optimization
Sets up, optimizes, and maintains your store’s functionalities and automations.
Coming soon
Is my store's checkout configured correctly?
Add a new staff member to my store
Display a Cookie Consent Manager for EU Countries
Email and Communications
Analyzes, writes and responds to customer inquiries via email.
Coming soon
Send a 10% discount code to new subscribers
Notify John Harris about his delayed delivery
Respond to all emails regarding delivery times

The skills work together to enhance the experience

Analytics and ReportingProducts, Orders and CustomersChat and CommsSettings and Optimization

Designed for Small-Medium Businesses

Supports all eCommerce types and business models

Business to Business
Can manage orders, generate reports and handle client relationships.
Business to Consumer
Can manage inventory, track delivery, and facilitate customer engagement.
Consumer to Consumer
Can help navigate listings, update orders and provide customer support.
Direct Sellers
Traditional manufacturers and private-label businesses
Recurring digital service or physical product providers
No-inventory intermediaries and resellers


What you need to know about working with your AI Assistant

It works great with your favourite messaging tools

Microsoft TeamsSlack
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